“Welcome to Savary Island”,

A sliver five miles long, almost completely surrounded by sandy beaches. This sandy shelf , ‘rain shadow’ and tides combine to produce warm summer seas.

Subdivided a hundred years ago, it has been a cottage / resort destination since then.

There is a smattering of year round residents.

I maintain this website to attempt to convey the facts & flavours of my home and to promote my business Savary Island Real Estate.

Peruse the pages to get a general idea of Savary and check “ Rick’s Notes” for current chatter.

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The Savary Island Heritage Society is delighted to announce that 'Helen Griffin's Savary Island' has been printed and is now ready for delivery!  We are thrilled with the results.  

The set is available at $80.00 (plus $10.00 for mailing if needed) by contacting members of the Society below or on the island during the summer months:

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by Ian Kennedy
Paperback: 188 pages, 48 illustrations, line drawings and maps.
ISBN 0-9696921-0-9
First printing 1992, Second 1993, Third 2008.
Price: $19.95

“ Read this it will save me having to answer a whole bunch of questions”

“Kennedy is to be congratulated for managing to produce anything at all given that Savary (Island), all 8 1/2 kilometres of it, is somewhat off the beaten track of history. The most engaging segments are his anecdotes from the past. For the horde of current-day cottagers who descend on the island in summer, and for the handful of diehards who tough it out through the less-than-tropical off-season, Kennedy’s work is a must.”
Stanley Jackson, Vancouver Sun

SUNNY SANDY SAVARY outlines the geology and geography of Savary Island, the pre-historic First Nations myths about it and the Sliammon tribe’s early habitation of it. Captain Vancouver named the island in 1792 when he sailed past it, but where the name comes from remains shrouded in mystery. The first resident fell victim to a ne’er-do-well’s bullet before, just prior to W.W.l, land developers saw the Island’s potential as a summer resort and divided it into 50-foot lots. For decades, the vagaries of the economy have dictated Savary’s development but recent years has seen the island become one of the most sought after cottage retreats of the B.C. coast. Author Ian Kennedy has owned property on Savary Island since 1980 and as an historian set out to write the definitive history of the whole island in time for the bi-centenary of Captain Vancouver’s naming of the island on July 1, 1792. Now in its third printing, this is a must-have for all Savaryites and those interested in B.C. Coastal history.

To order, email kennedyi@uniserve.com or call 1-250-339-7278.



White Sand Beaches ? Yes but there are occasional strands of black sand !